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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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came by to leave flowers at this growing memorial to francisco hernandez. >> i would always come here and buy fruit from them. >> reporter: nice people? >> yeah. very nice guy. >> reporter: he died yesterday. his family tells us they are trying to manage through the tragedy and make arrangements for a church service. his wife has been released from the hospital. everyone who came by today described hernandez as a well-liked guy who was easy to talk to. >> i used to talk to him a lot. he was like family. he knew you and we knew him. >> reporter: the man accused in this case is facing a number of felonies. he was originally booked on suspicion of driving under the influence. i talked with two men who described the crash saturday night. >> i guess the guy came out by the liquor store, came in crashed into that fence over there. i guess he tried to pull in to here. >> reporter: you can see where the car ran into hernandez and his truck. these guys say people in the neighborhood pounced on him to keep him from getting away.
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>> they saw him get out the car and started jumping him, so just keep him down until the cops come. >> reporter: his first court date is set for wednesday. abc 7 news. and the murder of a man in gilroy. he was found beaten in his home last monday. neighbors called police after hearing dogs barking nonstop. heiser was unconscious and later died. police have arrested gabriela ortiz. she was seen in a surveillance video using the victim's credit card. they say ortiz and the other four may be tied to more robbery cases in the bay area. a former san francisco police officer convicted of stealing money and drugs from suspects in criminal cases is sentenced to more than three years in federal prison. a judge handed him the maximum allowable sentence today 41 months. he and co-defendant officer
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edmund robles were found guilty in december of conducting illegal searches and seizures at a single-room occupancy hotel, he resigned from the police force avenue was convicted. his lawyers say he will appeal this sentence. oakland police are offering a $15,000 reward to find and arrest the driver who hit two pedestrians on san pablo avenue. one of them a 40 year old was killed. the driver left the scene, left the scar at the scene and got away on foot. the other injured pedestrian was taken to the hospital. the introduction of a new trustee to guide city college of san francisco through its accreditation got criticism, watch. >> we should all be grateful -- >> student activists shouted down the doctor as he began to talk to reporters. they are upset at cut backs by the previous trustee.
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>> i can see there's a lot of passion. this is a college that is incredibly important to this community. and the students that are here have a vital interest in seeing the decisions that are made here reflect what the needs of the students are. >> the special trustee will return full control to the newly elected board of trustees in july. if you've ever tried to catch a bus or train late at night in san francisco, you know it can be a lengthy process at best, impossible at worst. the last bart trains leave the city around midnight, about 12:30 on weekdays and cal train leaves service out of san francisco about 11:15. we are live on north beach with efforts to improve the late night run. >> reporter: this is one of those places that comes alive at night. but this report is not just about people who come out to have fun, but those who serve them of the all over the city
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there are more than 50,000 people just getting ready to go to work. they work the night shift, and they need reliable public transportation. we're not new york. but san francisco has a robust nightlife. a recent city report says it contributes $4.2 billion a year to the economy. since the city doesn't sleep at night, supervisor scott wiener believes the transportation system should also keep going, but it doesn't. >> once you get to 7:00, 8:00 at night, it gets very hard to get around anywhere. and once you get after midnight it sometimes becomes impossible. >> reporter: the supervisor convened a working group months ago, and now their recommendations are out in a document called "the other nine to five." owners of bars and restaurants say lack of reliable late night transportation hurts their bottom line. >> think of how many times you decided to stay in because you didn't want to have to wait 45
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minutes for a bus or spend time on a crowded street corner trying to flag a cab. >> reporter: and they say it's not just customers. they're concerned about the risks to employees who he describes as human atms trying to get home at night. a union rep of 4500 janitors agrees. >> we could get mobbed. >> reporter: the report calls for seeking public/private partnerships to expand all-night bus service, including muni sam trans, and golden get a. and then there's bart. lack of 24-hour service was the number one issue in the survey. >> there are good reasons why it's difficult but the difficult is impossible. we need to push really hard. >> reporter: a hearing today is discussing the strategies for doing that. abc 7 news. tonight san jose police are trying to track down the tiger
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who hit city hall. somebody crawled words on the 18th floor landing. there were also words on the 12th floor stairwell. anyone convicted can get a fine. you know it takes a special kind of thief to steal from girl scouts. but the man doing it is caught. he is accused of forcibly grabbing a cashbox from a 10 year old girl from a safe way store. a witness wrote down his license plate and gave it to police. officers found the car nearby and arrested this man. shoppers say the crime's just despicable. >> it's unbelievable. i can't imagine how somebody could do that to kids. they're out here. they're working hard doing it for a good cause, and it's just unbelievable. >> all the money was found and returned to the girl scouts. and to sweeten the story san
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jose police officers pooled together $300 and bought the remaining cookies and donated the remaining $60 to the girl scout organization. can you imagine stealing from the girl scouts? >> good job there, right? it's been almost six months since the napa valley was hit by the biggest quake in years. it hit in the middle of the night and caused major damage. the recovery is still under way. wayne freedman joins us now. wayne? >> reporter: good evening from first street in napa. that quake was 10 to 20 seconds. it shook this small city to the core. six months ago this street these businesses closed. there were all kinds of gates up and scaffolding. it looks a lot better now. 3:20 tomorrow morning, that is the official six-month anniversary. time may fly when you do not live in a recovering earthquake zone. and when you do? does it feel like six months?
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>> no. >> reporter: what's it feel like? >> two months. >> reporter: take a look. most of the scaffolding around napa has disappeared six months later. most but not all of it. the old courthouse remains a shadow of its former self as does the center building which dates from 1903. and the local newspaper office? >> this was the newsroom. the sports department was here. >> reporter: it's a newsman's worst nightmare becoming part of the story, at the napa valley register. >> it gives us greater empaternityempathy for folks we write for, because their trauma is in part our trauma. >> reporter: so kevin sits in his desk at the new newsroom, outside, reporters work shoulder to shoulder. >> it feels like an eternity, actually, and yet we're still here. >> reporter: in napa, federal emergency dollars have kicked in but it takes time and tolls
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in so many ways. one local safe way remains closed. its employees get fewer hours working at another store. >> i went down to 20 hours. >> in a matter of weeks. >> reporter: and because of the quake? >> just because of the quake. >> reporter: just because of the quake. and a small city, six months later, forget appearances. the devil still resides in the details. abc 7 news. >> six months. coming up perseverance pays off. >> wonderful wonderful. a bay area father has reason to gush. his son is the feel-good story of professional golf. and it's an important time of change. >> best supporting actress patricia arquette stirs things up. and the common mosq
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we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. it's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> oscar award winner patricia arquette called for wage equality last night. it's making headlines this afternoon. you can see meryl streep and jennifer lopez enthusiastically agreeing. in response, nancy pelosi tweeted, amen. the it's time for us to have wage equality once and for all in the united states of america. leaked e-mails from sony pictures showed some actresses were paid less than some of
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their male co-stars. >> in general women get paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. reasons for the wage gap include women often work in education and other lower-paid jobs. some take time off to work for child care. women between the ages of 25 and 34 are earning more. their hourly earnings in 2012 were 93 cents on the dollar compared to men. jury selection began in san francisco in a case that is stirring debate over inequality. ellen howe is suing a venture cal capital firm for sexual harassment and gender discrimination. she says she was discriminated
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after a brief affair with a colleague. the firm says she was let go because of poor performance. a 33-year-old alameda native is riding high after his first pga victory yesterday. he went to 86th in the word. he used to be a shoe salesman. and he had as little as $200 to his name. he tweeted this picture saying "be great." it's an idea he got from the warrior's steph curry. we caught up which is parents and college golf course today. >> reporter: while james hahn was trying to sink this putt his parents were holding their breath. >> unbelievable. yes. so exciting. so many friends and relatives
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give us a call. >> reporter: hahn and his wife spoke to us from their home in alameda. their son james was bosch in south korea. he was raised and went to school in alameda. today hahn tweeted thanks to all my alameda peeps who have helped me get to where i am now, especially eric stone who has mentored me. still works at the golf complex. mike is one of the instructors. >> james is a great guy. very humble. very sweet. comes from a great family. >> reporter: also watching yesterday was his former golf coach at cal. steve desmone. >> the only thing i can compare it to was the 2004 ncaa championship. whether it's phone, e-mails it's absolutely crazy. it's almost like we won the rose bowl. >> reporter: his former coach says hahn always had great talent but like anything had to really work at it. in the meantime he took on odd
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jobs, like selling shoes at nordstrom. his parents always supported him even then. >> whatever he is doing, okay, do it, try your best. >> reporter: with little money in his pockets hahn finally decided to put in the time to be a great golfer, and he proved that yesterday. >> good job. don't you think so? >> reporter: yesterday's victory at the riviera country club means for the next two years he's exempt from qualifying in any pga tour and guaranteed a spot in the masters. he received a $1.2 million cash prize yesterday, just in time as he welcomes a child in a few weeks. >> good for james hahn. not just the money, but those exemptions that she talked about. >> and he's got a family on the way, which is very cool. president obama told seniors today he wants new regulations to protect their retirement
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accounts. >> michael finney is here with that story. >> first they did away with your defined benefit. now they're trying to take your 401(k). the president made the pledge at a meeting. he wants new regulations to stop financial consultants from giving b advice. the president says some advisers are selling faulty investments to collect bigger commissions. he wants to protect workers who are trying to save for retirement. that's 401(k)s ira s. charges were filed against a company that makes a mosquito repellant. there is no evidence to show these bands really ward off bugs. the company has claimed the wristbands contained mint oil which sends up a vapor that bugs don't like. the feds say those claims are
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deceptive and unfounded. vio tech declined to come. youtube now has an app for children it has only programs geared towards kids. they include shows like the muppets and reading rainbow. parents can also use the apps too, limit the time kids are watching their very own youtube. and the download is free. more and moreira arresidents are hiring private investigators. some are hiring investigators before they commit to a single date. >> realistically, i'm not real trusting of people that i just don't know. >> tonight at 11:00 i will show you the world of private investigators. what one found looking into three potential dates. this is not the dating game of
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old. >> really? >> yeah. >> at 11:00. >> my goodness. i recently made a trip to afghanistan with a non-profit group to meet the new president. tonight at 6:00 you'll hear why he believes agriculture will help drive his economy by linking farmers to international markets. you'll see how a san jose group is working with that project. >> be sure to watch those reports. east bay may crack down on people who steal water. they're going to take up the issue of fines next month. the contra costa district already has fines up to $500 in place. we need that rain. looking for rain.
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>> and we may just see some on our radar later on this week. right now it's the wind. still gusty around here. and it's a chilly wind. let me show you live hd doppler. clear skies across the bay area here but the sailme system bringing us the chill is bringing thunderstorms west of bakersfield. snow in the mountains and sierras. and take a look at what happened earlier today. a land spout was reported in concernkern county. it's over land and does not come out of a thunderstorm. so that was earlier today. the trees still swraingaying in the wind. if you're listening to me right now, you can probably hear the wind. 36 in livermore. here's our view from our kgo roof camera. and it's a bit choppy out on the
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bay. 59 in gilroy. here's a look from our emeryville camera as we see clear skies, way back in the distance there, looking towards the golden gate bridge. 62 in santa rosa. livermore, 61 degrees. here's what you're going to be seeing more of the next couple days. clear tonight, chilly inland. we're looking at mostly sunny skies the next few days and a chance of showers friday and saturday. we're thrilled to tell you about that. area of low pressure that is bringing us the wind and chill produced those showers that you're looking at right now. but the wind is starting to die down. it was picking up. it's a dry wind flow northerly wind flow. that sa gois really going to make for a chilly night tonight. 19 hayward fairfield and the humidity is running very low. could explain why, perhaps the
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dry, scratchy throat. santa rosa right now, expect a very chilly morning. make sure you grab a heavy coat. your scarves and gloves. look at this, mid-30s. close to freezing there. 36 in livermore, 40 in san jose. 47 in san francisco. now here's what we're really watching. area of low pressure is going to drop down as we head toward friday bringing a chance of slight showers. and then it moves on out. if we do get anything, a few tenths of an inch at most. tomorrow afternoon you'll need the shades. it will be a nice recovery from the morning chill. sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. 68 santa rosa, 67 oakland, morgan hill, 68 degrees. acuweather forecast, it's comfortable in the afternoons the next couple days. and then we'll look at 70s showing up on thursday with a chance of showers.
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you'll need those umbrellas friday, saturday. right now i think i need some good hair spray. >> pretty blustery, isn't it. >> yes. >> maybe it will blow in rain. >> we'll hope ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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sky 7 hd is live over breaking news where a train hit a car with a driver still in it. the woman was stopped or stalled on the tracks. they don't know why. the southbound cal train struck and hit the car about half a mile. as you can see, the damage to the car is terrible. the debris at the crossing all smashed together. rescue crews had to work to get the woman out. you can see the train after hitting the car and dragging it half a mile. it has come to a stop there so investigators can begin their work and question anyone
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involved to see exactly what happened and why. but we'll let the sky 7 camera pan back over to the accident scene for you a minute. the woman's in critical condition. it's remarkable when you see the impact. she was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. we'll stay on it on our twitter feed and more at 6:00. and on to business news. google announced new partnerships with three major u.s. wireless carriers in an effort to improve its payment program. at&t verizon and t-mobile. they announced the google wallet app will come pre-installed on android die vices. it's widely believed google wants to better compete with apple pay. people in san carlos are
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complaining about a newspaper showing up despite repeated cancellation requests. it amounts to driveway spam, some say. and it alerts potential burglars that the people aren't home. jackpot on the street. drivers in dubai ditch their cars and take the money and run. thousands of bills worth an estimated $100 u.s. each. it made it difficult for people to corral this money. over $500,000 in cash was estimated blowing around in the wind. police have not given an explanation for this flying money. >> a lot of people chasing it though wow. just
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a wild scene that involved a shootout over pot plants tear gas. we'll see you then, thanks very much. dozens of people in san francisco celebrated the lunar new year by becoming u.s. citizens. >> abc 7 was there for the first-ever naturalization ceremony. >> mayor id lieed lee talked to the group. >> 20,000 people have attended the program's workshops. a police dog with an excellent nose reached a notable milestone. >> he works for the customs service at sfo. bennie identified his 10 thousandth prohibited agricultural product last month. >> he's been at work since 2011
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using his sense of smell to identify many food items. >> he's a volume producer. >> on this monday night, deadly driving. the 2,000-mile storm from california to the carolinas. the pileups. 14 states. dangerous and invisible ice. the view through the windshield. and thousands of flights canceled tonight. also, the breaking news. the manhunt at this hour. the home invasion. suspects allegedly strapping a device to a banker and tying his mother to a bed, putting an alleged bomb underneath. forcing him to the bank. we are on the scene. on alert. the terror message that includes the mall of america. tonight, the fbi's response. the medical breakthrough late today when it comes to peanut allergies. dr. besser with steps you can take right now. and the oscars hidden moments. julie andrews' whisper to lady gaga, right here.


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